The Seed of Shame

“Shamed. Silenced. Oppressed. Anesthetized. The awakened feminine soul, life-giving force and sustaining power enslaved by the fear of man. She is forced into subservient humiliation when she dares to trustingly and freely expresses her vigor, radiance, and sensual passion confidently in moments of deep vulnerability. Then, the very subjugation of that victimization causes her to retreat inwardly. Layer by layer building her walls up high. A mighty fortress, fortifying her safely within. Brick by brick she stacks them high. Its fabric fashioned of judgement, criticism, and shame, ensuring the foundation to this impregnable fortress is reliable and predictable in perpetuity.

Destructively, she spreads the seeds of shame generously on her fertile soil. And once shame has rooted itself deeply and strongly into the core of her being, it yields fruit in abundance. And like all other fields of which are nurtured with care consistently and faithfully, its fruit becomes ripe for harvest. With great satisfaction, each laborer consumes the return of its harvest, giving life force and sustaining power in exchange for its next yield of production.

Reliable. Faithful. Acceptable. Dependable. Unquestionably, the individual will sever its connection to the Divine Feminine and will faithfully assimilate its will to suppress, condition, and extinguish its own light-force. That is the power, corruption, and promise of the Seed of Shame.” -Aadhya Devi

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