Are you ready to Start an Inner REVOLUTION?


21-Day Bootcamp to UNLEASH
Your Feminine Power!

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You must decide right now if you are going to continue to allow your outer world to govern your inner world.


If you are going to defy the norm and start an Inner Revolution!

No matter what cards life dealt you in 2020...

These difficult times don't have to cripple or break you.

You don't have to feel overwhelmed and enslaved by your circumstances or relationships.

You can change your destiny!

You can entirely shift how you experience life.

Because if you don't you will only continue to stay stuck in pain, lack, and unfulfilling relationships and experiences. 

And you will always just be merely "surviving". 


Your life can be full of passion, love, vision, opportunity, success, and fulfilling relationships that MATTER.

Here's how we can help...

After years of guiding and coaching women through pain and trauma, I discovered what was at the root of causing women to self-sabotage whenever they dared to move towards change.

In 2019, I created the first Amazonian Goddess challenge and the results were INCREDIBLE.

I created an amazing seven step process that puts an END to your self-sabotage and self-destructive behaviors and habits.

Guess what? 

Inside, you have a Warrior Goddess ready to break free from the chains of your past.


If you are ready for your inner revolution and want to experience the same transformation our clients have experienced, but don't know exactly how or where to start...

We can help.

Now I know what you must be thinking...

With so many programs and coaches out there promising results, how do you really know if you will get everything that is promised out of it?

How do you know that this is not just another gimmick or quick ploy to make a quick buck at your expense?

How do you know that at the end of what we are offering, you are not just going to walk away with more worksheets and more action steps, still feeling like nothing has really changed for you.

We at the Inner Goddess Project are not in the business "selling courses".

We are in the business of Transformation.

Every program we offer is strategically structured and tested before we offer our services to the public.

Our mission is to change our world one human soul at a time.

Our programs work.  They really work!

But don't take our word for it.

Hear directly from our clients in their unscripted LIVE testimony about their experience while taking our Bootcamp. 


How there is no other program out there like ours achieving the results we do...

And why you shouldn't just be okay with merely "surviving" and SIGN UP NOW!
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Here's how you'll grow...


No matter your story. 

No matter your circumstance. 

You will become a woman who in times when your foundation has completely crumbled and when your inner world feels compromised knows exactly how to get back up using the resources and tools that you have had access to within you all along.


No matter how much life experience has crippled and robbed you of, you are finally going to loosen your shackles and break free from the chains of your past.

You will learn how vulnerability can become your greatest untapped superpower and learn how to live fully Unleashed!


You will discover what is at the root of your self-sabotage and destructive behavior and habits.

And... how to never allow this invisible enemy to govern your inner and outer world again.


You ABSOLUTELY can conquer anything that is holding you back, including addictions, food, self-sabotage and toxic relationships. 

We will teach you how those chains can actually become a part of your Goddess power.


Feeling as though there is no way out is actually the Universe telling you that you're READY for your Transformation.

You will walk away with the tools, resources and know how to overcome any challenge or obstacle that shakes the foundation to your inner world in any situation.


Even if it seems impossible right now, you will learn how to look in the mirror and really love yourself. Deeply and unconditionally.
unfiltered  Testimony

"I think one of the biggest things I took out of this was figuring out what makes me happy" -Danielle W.

Hear directly from our members! Find out why our program is unlike any other out there on the market and why anyone who is ready to heal their past, UNLEASH their Feminine Power and is willing to dare to to move powerfully towards change should SIGN UP NOW!
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unleashed. untamed. unapologetic.

Here is what you get with UNSTOPPABLE

"Change Your Question, Change Your Life."
-Tony Robbins

Each video lesson we provide you walks you through asking the right questions to get you to the root cause of your self- sabotage, suffering, failures, and much more!

Each activity pushes your boundaries, tests your will, and will drive you towards exposing the source of disconnection, suffering, and sabotage that is rooted in producing the results you have now.

All guided activities are downloadable and editable word documents.

When you invest in UNSTOPPABLE, you don't just get worksheets and pre-recorded videos, you get an EXPERIENCE!

What makes our event different than everyone else out there in this industry?

We are not in the business of "selling courses".

We are invested in helping others with their TRANSFORMATION.

This LIVE event will assuredly Ignite the Warrior Goddess silenced inside of you, anchor you to a solid foundation, and thrust you towards living your Greatest and Best Life!

For anyone that comes in afterwards, as long as you want this, then it's going to work for you. 

If you don't want it and you are just doing it to do it, it's not going to help you very much.

You've got to want the change.  You've got to be open, honest and willing to do whatever it takes.
danielle w.
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This has been the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. 

I have never done anything like this particular Bootcamp and it has been SO beneficial.

I feel like you have put the puzzle pieces together that I have been trying to link.

I am facing all kinds of fears (through UNSTOPPABLE) and I feel very empowered.
We are going to share with you ground breaking information that no coach, teacher, or program is offering.

You will learn how you manifest your reality through your biotechnology, and how you can consciously leverage that knowledge to create any reality you desire! 

This copy of my published chapter is my gift to you.
aadhya devi
Women cannot, should not do this alone.

We are a community of Feminine Warriors set out to make the world a better place.  We grow stronger together!

When you enroll in UNSTOPPABLE, you will get membership into our Exclusive Private Facebook Community.
"A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step" -Chinese Proverb

As a part of your membership, repeat your journey as many times as you want and have access to All New Guest Speakers we bring on to our platform at no additional investment. 
Do you know what story you are playing out and why? 

Do you know what role the main characters in your story and you are playing out? 

In order to experience massive change, you MUST become aware of the common themes you are playing out and why, and end the vicious cycle. 

When you join UNSTOPPABLE you get a copy of 2 lessons the Inner Goddess Project provides exclusively to our high-ticket clients. 

Our invitation only into our high-ticket Goddess Experience starts at $20k.

We are happy to offer this high value lesson as a part of your Goddess experience.
Do you know what your pitfalls of self-sabotage are? 

Do you know how you self-sabotage and why?

Regardless what your goal is, in this Bootcamp you will discover what your pitfalls are and how to put an end to your Self-Sabotage for good!

When you join UNSTOPPABLE you get a copy of 2 lessons the Inner Goddess Project provides exclusively to our high-ticket clients.

 Our invitation only into our high-ticket Goddess Experience starts at $20k.

We are happy to offer this high value lesson as a part of your Goddess experience.
They need to take the risk and not be scared.  They got to take the risk and believe that life can be better than what it is.
Rose Marie Nokes-Tafea 

What Makes UNSTOPPABLE Ground Breaking?

We don't want to put a band-aid over your wounds.  We want to give you the tools you need, ground you in those tools, and teach you how get to the core of your problem so that you have the power to self-heal in any given moment.
unleashed. untamed. unapologetic.

I Learned More in 2 Weeks Than 20 Years of Therapy!

Hear directly from our members! Find out why our program is unlike any other out there on the market and why anyone who is ready to heal their past, UNLEASH their Feminine Power and is willing to dare to to move powerfully towards change should SIGN UP NOW!
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Our Mission

We are not a religious platform. We serve all women of all walks of faith, creed, and cultural background as they journey towards a path of self-discovery and self-love.

Our mission is to empower you, challenge you, and help you create the Big and Amazing life you really want.


6 Months Later... Where Are They Now?
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Our team

Meet our Guest Speakers

Melanie Bowers
CEO of Guru Publications
Dubbed the Olivia Pope of Michigan by Rollingout.com in 2015, Melanie Bowers-Williams, juggles an array of clients from numerous industries including entertainment, healthcare, non-profits, and technology.

Melanie has developed & executed PR Campaigns for the BET Awards, Essence Music Festival, & Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards.

Her clients have graced the pages of New York Times, Inc Magazine, E-News, & much more.

Widely known as a Powerhouse in the Public Relations Industry, Melanie joins us to share how she became UNSTOPPABLE and how you can too!
Amanda Flaker
Healer, Teacher, Mystic & Life Coach
Like a chess board, Amanda has an ability to look into the inner workings of a persons soul and know exactly what piece needs to move and where in order to help her clients get the results they really want. 

 When others think its impossible, she illuminates a path that takes them from pain, lack and scarcity to one of healing, wealth and abundance.

With over 2.6 million views on her YouTube channel, Amanda is taking the conscious community by Storm!

Her ground breaking program, lessons, and techniques are not only in high demand but give her clients the momentum they need to Quantum Leap into the future, manifesting a life of fulfillment, joy, abundance and relationships that matter.
Rachel Jensen
Life Coach, Mystic, & Healer
You wont find Rachel many places online. Her clients find her primarily word of mouth. 

Her exclusive clientele consist of Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Artists, Millionaires, and everyone in between.
Rachel has been doing intuitive work for over 20 years.

A mystic in her own right, her clients seek her out to help them reignite the flame in their soul that was once snuffed out. 

Rachel takes her clients from suffering and bondage to liberation and possibility!

Her ability to transform her clients inner and outer world through specific techniques crafted by her intuitive wisdom is the reason why she is highly sought out in the entertainment industry.

Join us as this is a Live you will NOT want to miss!
Amy Wallace
Love & Life Coach - Motivational Speaker
Amy is a Life and Love Coach who specializes in helping individuals and couples to create deep and connective relationships with themselves and others they can thrive in!

As a cancer survivor, she helps to teach others how to go from Powerless to Powerful by teaching them to use the tools and techniques she has used to overcome every adversity she has experienced in her life.

After having twins at the age of 18, Amy was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Disease. Given only 3 months to live, she was thrust into the path of healing, self-discovery, and began her pursuit towards finding her purpose.

27 years later, she now takes her clients on a path of transformation, completely revolutionizing every area of their life.
Marta Kristjana Stefansdottir
Life Coach - International Speaker from Denmark
Marta one day looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize who she was. She felt lost, confused, and saddened by the absent connection she felt to her inner being. She embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

After working hard to dissolve the negative belief systems and embodiment that anchored her to her past, she healed herself and began a new journey of stepping into her feminine power and creating a Big and Amazing life! 

Now she helps women who share the same struggles she once did by helping them to become their true, unfiltered, and Greatest Self!

Frequently asked questions

Q: How long is this Bootcamp?

A: Our bootcamp is 21 days long. It contains 7 parts and each part takes 3 days to complete.

Q: You mentioned I get Lifetime Access to your exclusive Facebook group and all future challenges, what does that look like?

A: Once you join our Challenge, you get access to all future challenges held in the group. If we bring on a new guest speaker, you will have access to watch and participate in that live without having to buy into the challenge again. You will also be able to repeat the challenge over as many times as you want with the support of our team and your Goddess community along the way. 

Q: I noticed people on camera, if I participate in this challenge do I have to be on video?

A: The participants you saw in our testimonial video were members who opted into our Exclusive Bonus package. Not everyone feels comfortable being on camera and that is okay. If you noticed one of our participants Genevieve chose to opt out of being on camera and instead joined us via audio. You have the option of sharing a photo of yourself, or you can just have your name displayed on zoom.

Q: What platform do the Live Q&As take place?

A: Our Live Q&As are held via zoom. If you buy into our Live Q&A package, you will receive a zoom link via email to join us.

Q: If I have a question I would like to ask on the Live Q&As, how do I submit my question and how do I improve my chances of getting my question answered?

A: Along with the zoom link you receive to join our Live Q&A via email, you will also receive instructions on how and when to submit your questions. The earlier you submit your questions the better chances you have in being selected to come on and speak with our guest speaker and myself. If your question is selected, you will be notified and asked to be ready to join us on our live call to have your question answered on in our group forum.  My team and I go through all questions the day before we have our Live Q&A. We don’t always have the time to select questions the day of. So the earlier you submit them the better.
Meet your coach

Aadhya Devi

Since 2017, I’ve been teaching women how to move from pain to Power.  I've had the privileged to witness each woman journey through death, break free from their past, and transform their life from feeling unfulfilled and unhappy to one of abundance, opportunity and fulfilling relationships that matter.

My hope is to reach as many women as possible and teach them how to connect back to their inner being so that they too can find peace in any storm and experience such an inner freedom that it revolutionizes what is possible for them.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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