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We at the Inner Goddess Project are excited to launch our new website.  Our new platform will allow our members to not only learn what the Inner Goddess Project has to offer, but we will now host our highly coveted programs and lessons on our platform under the "Goddess Academy".

Our new website with tons of new material is currently under construction and will be out there very soon. Meanwhile, you can leave your email and be the first to know when we launch, plus get exclusive tips and offers.
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The Inner Goddess Project

How would you choose to live if nothing stood in your way?

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the inner goddess project

Our Mission

"A sacred place where all women find strength in vulnerability, stand fiercely in
their feminine power, and live 
Unleashed, Untamed and Unapologetic,
while celebrating the messiness along the way!"
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Our mission at the Inner Goddess Project is to inspire women of all walks of faith, creed, and culture to journey towards a path of self-discovery and self-love.  So often, we women are quick to judge ourselves and the journey of others too harshly.  And when we do, we begin to suppress the feminine spirit.  It is time that we as women unite and stand together in support of one another while celebrating the messiness of the journey along the way

Here at the Inner Goddess Project, we aspire to help teach you how to change your inner world so that you can change your outer world.  Our hope is that all women can experience the freedom of living with unashamed passion and know the freedom of sensual wildness through connecting to their own feminine power.  Our mission is to empower you, challenge you, and help you create the Big and Amazing life you want. 

Join our sisterhood and check out our services and opportunities on our platform.  We hope to see you there!
"I Help My Clients Achieve Revolutionary Results - Both Personally And Professionally."
aadhya devi

Here what our clients have to say about our programs...


What my clients say

Aadhya is an incredibly talented intuitive empath. I was fortunate enough to have met her a few years ago and she truly has transformed my life for the better. She knows exactly how to communicate what she feels in such a clear and precise manner.

Her guidance has been an inspiration to me. She has given me the tools that are necessary “to do the work” in order for me to reach my greatest good. No matter how frazzled or uncertain I may be, or even if I just need clarity that I’m on the right path.

Aadhya has always been there to help me seek the answers I’m looking for. Her spiritual guidance has been a true gift. One that I’m truly thankful to have received. She’s become not only my spiritual coach and adviser but also a very close and dear friend.

I’m so grateful to have someone as talented Aadhya in my life. I’d recommend her guidance to anyone who is seeking answers or even just confirmation. She won’t let you down!
Erika G.
Before Aadhya Devi entered my life, it was looking pretty bleak. I just finished having major hip surgery. I was not prepared for the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual turmoil that such a surgery required. I have a medical condition called cerebral palsy. l needed surgery to realign my hip, so I could live without pain, and better mobility.

My muscles didn’t work like they should, so walking for me is difficult. I went from a wheelchair, walker, now I use a cane. I didn't think in order to balance my life, it needs to start from the physical reality. I was lost. I no longer knew myself. It was like I left, and in my place, a stranger took over and started living my life.

I have been working with Aadhya for over a year. The changes we have made together have been a night and day difference! She provided me with the tools I needed to not only find myself again, but actually embrace the person who I am becoming.

Aadhya has this amazing intuitive insight into my inner thoughts, there are times she says exactly what I needed to hear in order to continue to progress on my healing journey.
I can't thank Aadhya enough, for giving me the tools, insight and strength to love myself fully and know exactly who I am. I will have this experience remain with me, not only in the course of a few months, but for a lifetime.
Nicole S.
Aadhya came into my life and I hers at a time when I felt hopeless. I was traversing heavy depression, self-hatred and anxiety when I couldn't clearly see myself or my life. From day one of meeting her, she has helped me remember the spark and lightness within myself, clearly seeing into my own energetic and emotional patterns. Her words have been a soothing balm to my heart and soul in times of distress, confusion and uncertainty. Each time we have spoken, she has generously gifted me with her heartfelt presence and devotion.

She is a healer of the heart, a journeyer of the soul and a mentor of the utmost regard for anyone who has felt alone, lost or without hope on this spiritual and life journey.

I am truly blessed and grateful for her presence and support in my life. And, through our time together, I have truly begun to dive deep into my own healing abilities and self-empowerment through the pain. I am so eager to continue this work with Aadhya as a an embodied, genuine and loving guide
Anna P.

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Aadhya Devi

Since 2017, I've been teaching women how to move from pain to Power.  I've had the privilege to witness each woman journey through death, break free from their past, and transform their life from feeling unfulfilled and unhappy to one of inner peace, abundance, opportunity and fulfilling relationships that matter.

My hope is to reach as many women possible and teach them how to connect back to their inner being so that they too can find peace in any storm and experience such an inner freedom that it revolutionizes what is possible for them.
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